Saturday, December 1, 2012


By Nimba Mhaat Tiannimbo d'Eburnie.
What is a Nigger? It is not because you are "Black' that the pejorative word will necessary apply to you.The Nigger is the byproduct of the European people. And a Caucasian person can also be a Nigger. But I am developing this context on a specific aspect which is applied to a "Black' person. Now let me get start on the topic.

How the Niggers are used by the West to destroy Africa? They are the biggest TRAITORS on the face of the earth. Here Simone Ehivet Gbagbo,the First Lady of Cote d'Ivoire as a "war trophy" here being sexually abused by Niggers so-called the so-called "soldiers" of Allassane Ouattara after they( French army,U.N. army,rebel troops) kidnapped her and her husband in Abidjan in 2011. She has been "punished" by the imperialists( USA,France,UK) through their Nigger watchdogs for her insubordination for not being like the others "First African Ladies" who have for "rules" travel,go to shop in Dubai,Paris,New York,Beverly Hills,etc with the money of poor African taxpayers.

It is obvious that the "sin" of Simone Gbagbo for being put on the imperialist gang rapists consist largely the challenge she posed and continue to pose against France,US by her pure refusal with her husband to relinquish Cote d'Ivoire's national sovereignty to become an unconditional pawn state of the western countries where they can grab the lands,loot the immense resources while the people are suffering from poverty.

She has been "punished" by the West,the imperialists through their Niggers because she and her husband Laurent GBAGBO have refused to take order from them.Simone Gbagbo is being "punished" by being right now in jail in Odienne,north of Cote d'Ivoire because she has committed a cardinal sin of challenging the unbridled reign of France and others Western countries for the global bloodsucking capitalism and by staying with her husband until the West come capture them out of their residential palace after luckily being not assassinated as it was planned by them for long time.

We are in a situation where there are a a lot of irrational people who are spiritually sick and morally very degraded ready without any remorse to spill the blood of millions of their African "brothers" and "sisters" just because they are from "different" ethnic groups, or political parties, or regions,or religion( Muslim verse Christians),and even go far by raping a First Lady and be proud to take pictures and show to the whole world.

The long years of slavery,and colonial exploitation of many part of Africa,the dehumanization of the "Blacks" by the "Whites"/ Caucasians have now somehow created a morally and spiritually depressed situation where it exists now a large number of "people" mostly known as Niggers who can't even hesitate to sell their soul to the Europeans for a dollar/euro. Oh yes,for a little sorry paycheck,promise to "have a job",the Nigger will put on an uniform and go on a rampage as the case of Cote d'ivoire and many others "Black" majority- places in the world to slaughter,rape his/her own kind just because somebody and usually the "White" has given them the order.

Sometimes we ask ourselves: What kind of "crime" the Ivorian people have done to be subjects to this kind of unimaginable violence from the West with the complicity of the NIGGERS?
Mrs. Simone Gbagbo was raped by these Niggers after French army and U.N. caught here and handed over to their Nigger rebels 2 years ago.This is how the Niggers ( products of the Europeans/"Whites) own their "elevation" and sustenance to their "White" masters by pretending humiliating an African woman and even a highly regarding African woman:a First Lady of an African country. Here Niggers "so happy" to take pictures with their "prey" so make the "international community"/ West so happy. They(Niggers) have accomplished a big thing by mistreating an African people by letting the French soldiers,reporters,journalists to take their pictures with a half-naked African first Lady.This is the nature of the Nigger,the most powerless human being on earth who is nothing but a product designed by the West.

They are so proud to align themselves with the oppressors ( the so-called international community=France,USA,UK) to kill,rape,vandalize,and loot the African people.
In the case of Cote d'Ivoire( Ivory Coast),these Niggers ( Allassane Ouattara,Guillaume Soro with their rebels,also the "political" parties:PDCI,UPDCI,MFA,etc) were looking for opportunities to join France to hound President Gbagbo out of his position.

In pursuit of extra cash,these Niggers so-called opposition parties with their rebel armies supported by the West have been deceiving,tricking,lying,killing, and backbiting Afrikan/"Black" people from Cote d'Ivoire and especially the people they call PRO-GBAGBO in a selfish rat rage energies for over 10 years to maintain the status quo of the colonization/LA FRANCAFRIQUE.

But ICC which is a branch of the imperialist West has accused this lady here for committing "crime against humanity".We all know that ICC is a Western-orchestrated destabilization machine to ONLY prosecute non-White leaders who stand up to defend their lands as the case of President Laurent GBAGBO and his wife Simone Ehivet Gbagbo.

One of the biggest challenge of African people is the Nigger who somehow look like us and live among us and they are the ones that are used by the West to colonize,loot Africa. The African/" Black" people are fighting two battles: the Niggers and their European/"White" masters. This is one of our weaknesses because we have a huge numbers of enemies ( Niggers) inside Africa who have pleaded allegiance to the West to take over Africa.

These Niggers are helping the West to teeter Africa in the brink of calamity. The Nigger who is a being who look like an Africa is for the most part selfish,very low self esteem,hopelessness,very short sightening vision,uneducated,or not really logical to himself/herself,is the the "good" assets of the Western world as their "soldiers" /collabos to use them as their "men in charge" of the "plantation" by getting prepared to kill the African/" Black" members if it that really what it takes to get to a bank,or get a little crunch of money for personal satisfaction.

And we African people must really be aware that our greatest enemies on earth are the Niggers because not only they look like us meaning "Black",on the physical aspects but their minds, attitude have been twisted to fit with the oppressors,the Europeans. The Negroes eating the bread of betrayal as they use the financial and logistical assistance of the West to facilitate the penetration of the western countries imperialism in Africa.

Gone will be the day where the majority of African /" Black" people came together massively to fight for the liberation of Africa against the European/"White" people and the reason is because now,we have a huge number of Niggers( self-hatred "Black" people who have been indoctrinated by the West for so long).Now we have to face another great threats: the Niggers who have been trained by the West to wage a deadly war for dollar or euro against us the African/"Black" people.

And to add pain to the injury,this First Lady here who has been raped by these Niggers(the watchdogs of the West),is presently in jail in Odienne,a town located at the north side of Cote d'Ivoire( Ivory Coast) and ICC has omitted a arrest warrant against her for "crime against humanity"

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