Tuesday, October 9, 2012


-Latest investigation had revealed that none of the 4 murdered students was involved in robbery or any kind of pilfering.
It was gathered from a source that ugo and Lloyd were cousins. Someone was indebted to Ugo around the community and had vowed not to pay. Ugo who was popularly known as tipsy had gone to meet a fearless university guy to help them track the debtor who had been on the run. The guy who was feared by many in the school had accepted to accompany Ugo and Llyold to get the debtor tracked down and get his own percentage of the money.

They were joined by their room mate,Chidiaka. On their way to the place,they met one of their friends,Tekena,who knew nothing about the plan and he joined,just for the hype as its normal with young boys of juvenile age. They were actually 5 that got to the debtor’s compound. Unknown to the other 4,the guy who was contracted to intimidate the debtor just to get the money went with a gun.

When they got to the debtor’s house,around 5am,fight ensued,as the debtor confronted them. A next door neighbour,a woman started shouting on top of her voice,that they were thieves,attracting other bad boys around the areas,whom they said were rival cult group of the one on contract. They swung into action by tipping the vigilantee who confronted the boys,referring to them as thieves. At the process of beating the boys,and while they were trying to explain,the 5th contracted guy,the cultist brought out his gun to scare the people,and he escaped leaving the rest 4 at the mercy of the villagers. The explanation they tried to give fell on the community’s deaf ears as the people insisted that they must be killed. They were beaten naked and taken round the whole community for hours before they were killed and burnt close to a sand pit at about 10am in the watchful eyes of more than 3 thousand people,whom the police couldn’t over-powered

THIS STORY IS AN EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT FROM THE 5TH BOY WHO ESCAPED,HE NARRATED THIS TO UGO AND LLOYD’S FRIEND. Ugo and Lloyd’s were promising rappers and singers,they had just finished recording a song titled ”aint no love in the city”. MAY THEIR SOUL R.I.P!!!



  1. I wonder what those people who were in support of the lynching on twitter now feel. Ignorance surely kill. RIP #ALUU4. May GOD forgive your souls.

  2. Commön, this, though may be true, doesn't avail us with facts concrete enough to prove its essence in the affirmative. There are hot-spots here and there though: for instance, one would wonder why such 'visit' was slated for dawn...and BTW, how do we know that the above REALLY comes from the 5th guy, whom, given basic facts, MAY NOT even exist?

    1. Following this account, the debtor must therefore be known. However the details of how they were killed could not have been known by the 5th boy who had escaped before the incident took place. This matter presents an opportunity for our leaders to bring Nigerians to a consensus on carrying out sweeping and immediate changes to the entire criminal justice system. There should be a public enquiry and trial.

  3. well God see every thing from the start to the end..hmmm God



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