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NAMA boosts operations with cloud computing

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The Nigerian Airspace Management Agency said it had subscribed to cloud computing through its recent deployment of the Windows Server 2012, thereby boosting its operations and cutting Information Technology cost.
NAMA’s Chief Information Officer, Mr. Ifeanyi Ogochukwu, said the agency was tasked with providing safe, efficient and economic air navigation services that would meet international standards in Nigeria and this madate was currently being driven through cloud computing.

He said this was in line with NAMA’s desire to provide better service to its customers and increase efficiency within the agency by making use of cutting-edge technology through its private cloud.
Because NAMA desires to have a better Return on Invesment on its capital and resources invested in developing IT projects, Ogochukwu said the agency needed a solution that was cost-effective while at the same time, providing the benefits of cloud computing.

Apart from that, the agency’s other business requirements, according to him, are to make use of the most recent innovations in cloud computing; utilise the existing IT infrastructure within the agency; reduce operational and licensing costs; create a fully scalable and high density cloud environment; and able to build dynamic and agile cloud solutions.
These, he said, were part of the factors that drove the decision to embrace cloud computing by NAMA.

Since the agency was already utilising a lot of Microsoft products and technologies, Ogochukwu said it became a logical step to deploy Windows Server 2012, adding that the solution contained all the features NAMA was looking for.
He said, “Deploying Windows Server 2012 has enabled us to do more with less in the data centre space, thereby reducing cost and enhancing considerably the ICT ROI for my organisation and bringing efficiency in the use of technology to value centric proportions.”

By deploying Windows Server 2012, the CIO expressed assurance that the agency would continue to save money as well as make ICT work for air navigation in line with its mandate.
Ogochukwu said deploying the cloud computing technology had enabled NAMA to reduce IT costs; access most cutting-edge features in cloud computing; and being able to utilise the agency’s existing IT infrastructure.
This, he stressed, had deepened customer service and helped the agency to remain focused on fulfilling its goals.
According to Microsoft, Windows Server powers many of the worlds’ largest datacenters, enables small businesses around the world, and delivers value to organisations of all sizes in between.
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