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Buy Cheap cars in Nigeria ? - See where I bought mine

These days affordability is an issue for the vast majority of the general population. So they attempt to deal with the things in spending plan. The majority of the general population need to buy Cheap cars in Nigeria.
They most ideal approach to get it is to go for fairly used tokunko cars, which they can buy online or offline from the net, yet finding cheap car in Nigerian car market online is simple on the grounds that for this situation they don't need to go from dealership to dealership to discover cheap cars.

The main thing anybody needs to do is to sort necessities in search engines and after that incalculable choices will be accessible to you to choose from them.  When you pick the model and style of the used car, next step is to use the web for finding the area of the vehicles nearest which are close to your home or country.

It is hard to discover great quality vehicle on the grounds that occasionally individuals get awed by the looks and style of the auto and they just concentrate on the outer elements and some times people turns out to be so impressed of purchasing an auto that they quickly get into the agreement. This is the thing which prompts terrible choice of purchasing cheap auto.
You have many alternatives accessible online from which you can pick the right one with less effort. Despite the fact that finding a decent quality vehicle which is additionally cheap is tough job.

In any case, a large portion of the autos which are sold online are sold by the private merchants so they are now and again not completely mindful of the business sector estimation of the auto so you can find the opportunity to purchase it on cheap price. Now and again auto owner additionally offer cheap prices online yet then you need to ensure that there is nothing amiss with the auto.

Buy Cheap cars in Nigeria - Where I bought mine

For me it does not speak well to travel abroad  just because I needed a clean tokubo car that is very affordable and has never been used in Nigeria. So what I do is turn to  a reliable agent abroad that goes to meet the owner of these vehicles and check if everything is fine. They often have some of the cars on their website where I can easily see which one they have already gone to check or have contact with the  private seller. So far managed to buy for myself, wife and also a friend from this reliable source in European market. It get shipped from Hamburg straigh to you and it takes just two weeks or maximum 3 to get it here in Lagos.
Top 3 steps to buy a cheap car in Nigeria
  1. Visit the website to check the latest car or email info(@) to get a price qouation for any car of your choice.
  2. Make Payment into a Nigerian Bank once you have finalize the price and terms of service
  3. Get ready to clear your Tokubo Car within 2-3 Weeks in Nigeria.
To buy, in the wake of discovering cheap autos on the web, you need to go to the spot and ought to look at the vehicle completely by an expert who has as of now been employed by you. This is what the company offers in Europe. Never trust on the words that it has as of now been analyzed, regardless of the fact that you are taking it from a dealership which is usually too expensive. 

Finding modest autos online lessens your effort and gives you number of choices to choose from and in this manner spares your time. You can get  cheap cars in Nigeria  online by simply clicking here Buy Cheap cars in Nigeria

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Email: info(@)

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  1. For those who don't know how exchange rate affects the price of goods and services.

    Nigeria hardly produces anything which means almost everything consumed in nigeria has to be imported. The Global trading (import export) is done in dollars, which means if i am an importer or a car (for example) if I paid $1000 and another $300 to import it my cost is $1,300 which means that I want to sell that car I cannot sell it for less than $1,300 if it I lose money.

    Here is where exchange rate is important.

    If at the time I bought the car and imported it $1=200 naira that means the cost of the car is $1300x200 =260,000 Naira.

    If the car goes unsold for say 9 months and now the exchange rate is $1=400 naira that means that theoretically that 260,000 naira that i had before which was the equivalent of $1300 is now worth 260,000/400= $650

    In order for me to break even on this car I now have to jack the price up to 520,000 Naira to get back my $1300

    Because People earn Naira in Nigeria, the value of their money does not follow the trend of the exchange rate which is why these car dealers are suffering.



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